Business Intelligence

Use key indicators from business intelligence and big data analytics to help your company. So you can make the right strategic decisions. The STAR experts are here to support you in achieving long-term success.

Be it reports, analytics, simulation or big data – our STAR experts analyze key indicators for you and develop intelligent software for individual strategies and smooth-running business processes. You can then consolidate your position in the market.

Benefit from effective data analysis in real time: our STARS define goals with you, evaluate business processes and implement innovative tools. As a result, you can optimize your business processes for the long term, strategically position your company and apply sound reasoning in achieving your goals.

Business intelligence also helps you to recognize how you can consistently improve your performance. It helps you to understand your business and your customers better – and to fully exploit your market potential. You can then build a successful future for your company.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE TO HELP YOU SUCCEED: use real-time data analysis to optimize your business processes.

Your individual business intelligence check-up

Are you wondering where you can source useful data from in your company and how you can then put it to profitable use? In our business intelligence check-up, we examine your approach to the evaluation of business indicators from a practical point of view. Our business intelligence check-up is tailored to your individual needs. Having the right data and the right analyses will help you to stay one step ahead of the competition.Get your check-up now


Take advantage of STAR’s smart information technology and get to the heart of good reporting. Our experts will provide you with effective tools to do this, tailored precisely to suit your processes. You can then keep a watchful eye on your business activities, use relevant indicators to make key strategic decisions and protect your results – thanks to modern authorization concepts.

Innovative reporting technologies for your data – our services

  • Creation of daily, automated reports
  • Creation of dynamic reports, tailored precisely to your operational needs
  • Reporting as a service
  • Employee familiarization, training and support


Master your daily processes using data analytics – let your key figures speak for you. Our STAR experts show you how to analyze your data correctly and how to use the resulting information to help you make important decisions and forecasts. Together, we will identify exactly the right tool for you. Simple, secure and flexible data analysis – that will also save you time and money.

Effective management of business processes using data analytics – our services

  • Consolidation of data from heterogeneous sources
  • Data cleansing
  • Individual, relational and multidimensional data modeling
  • Practical tools for ad hoc analyses, so that you can react quickly to changes


Risk taking a look into the future – and take your company to a whole new level. Our business intelligence simulation tools are here to help with this. Using simulated future scenarios, you can work with the STAR experts to plan your business efficiently and forecast accurately. You can then make the right strategic decisions, based on robust data, recognize trends and ensure your long-term success.

Business intelligence simulation to ensure your best performance – our services

  • Detailed analysis and sound forecasts using data from a range of systems
  • Development of multi-level and multidimensional scenarios, based on data and specific experiences
  • Data mining: use of inductive analysis techniques to identify significant data – including in unstructured data
  • Predictive analytics: automated interpretation of data and generation of hypotheses using artificial intelligence (AI)


Recognize data trends and use them to your benefit – risk-free, time-saving and cost-effective. Using the STAR experts’ knowledge of big data and data science, you can make your company even more successful for the future. We will develop and implement an individual business case for you, so you can identify and take full advantage of the potential in your company – every day.

Preparing for the future using big data technologies – our services

  • Text mining: transforming unstructured data into analyzable indicators
  • Next-level analytics: using classic statistical and mathematical methods, combined with innovative technologies
  • Complex correlation and cluster analysis
  • Automation of big data processes
Planning, reporting and analysis in a single business intelligence tool

Effective business intelligence with the right IT tool

Learn from our infopapers how to plan, report and analyze with the enterprise-wide Business Intelligence tool -  guide your business through relevant key figures.

Other services

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Data analysis to help you succeed: business intelligence provides you with key indicators to assist with important strategic decisions and forecasts – in real time. Reach your goals based on sound information.

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Test Management
Test Management

Successfully integrate your software and avoid errors – thanks to professional test management. So that all systems run smoothly and you also save time and money.

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Further develop your SAP environment. Test management, support, training – tailored precisely to meet your needs. So you can benefit from the latest tools and take pressure off your IT department.

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