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  • FlexGen-M PWM Remote
Product information The FlexGen-M PWM remote can be used to generate variable PWM signals with output currents of up to 10 A. The frequency, the pulse duty factor as well as the setting and control parameters can be determined via a CAN interface through an automation system. The current values can...
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...will provide you with virtual tools and develop innovative strategies that fit your needs perfectly. More about DIGITAL ENGINEERING The experts at STAR can support you in achieving a successful digital transformation, using 2D/3D animations, CAx, DMU and VR/AR technologies. From feasibility checks...
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...marketing to a new level: use key indicators from business intelligence and big data to create the marketing of the future. By using STAR’s IT services, you can successfully prepare your company for Industry 4.0. More about IT Using our specialist skills, expertise and passion for the IT technologies...
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Bus Interfaces for Automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN & FLEXRAY Whether it is network analysis, control unit simulation, prototype set-ups, measuring applications in a vehicle or end-of-line tests: With STAR COOPERATION’s bus interfaces, you can connect PCs with automotive bus systems and record the...
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SUSTAINABILITY PUT IN PRACTICE Look-Think-Feel Green Creating values and living by them. STAR COOPERATION does both. Because we know that we can only guarantee long-term growth and commercial success – for both us and our customers – if we tackle environmental and social issues in a credible and sustained...
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...your career individually. Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths - for your own creative freedom. Training and knowledge transfer - so that we can continue to develop together. Flexible working hours so that you can combine your job and your private life perfectly. Strong cohesion and employee...
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...departments of IT, Logistics and Media have worked with the customer to develop an innovative damage management system. Any vehicle damage occurring can be recorded on the go and in real time even during transport. This enables a transparent supply chain, reduces extensive follow-up costs and thus...
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  • FlexIO-S Analog
Product information The main application of FlexIO-S Analog is to evaluate voltages and to send the measured values to the CAN bus. However, FlexIO-S Analog can also recreate voltages of up to ±10 V and supply sensors. For communications purposes, the device hardware comes with CAN, LIN, SENT and USB...
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...brand awareness and optimize your existing order processes, giving you a future with the highest possible sales. More about E-COMMERCE Our STAR experts can advise you on every aspect of E-Commerce: from sophisticated online stores connected to your systems, to profitable online marketing, through to...
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  • EMS | Electronic manufacturing services
...system, we are able to dispense and equip unique items or small batches. By request, we label casings or products with your company name. That way, you can for example use our automotive DC/DC converter as an individual clip-on board for your devices that have to function reliably in a vehicle. We...
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