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  • Residual bus simulation
Residual bus simulation for Automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN & FLEXRAY PROVIDING A NETWORK ENVIRONMENT FOR CONTROL UNIT DEVELOPMENT Because of the increasing complexity in vehicles and, thereby, vehicle networks, remaining bus simulation becomes ever more important. Within the development of control...
  • Modern E/E development with the FlexDevice
...user functions, precisely tailored to your needs. Video: Individual E/E development with the FlexDevice Fast, flexible, easy: with the FlexDevice you can create your individual test environment in next to no time. The FlexDevice product range at a glance Fast The FlexDevice is a high-performance bus...
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...title": "Vehicle electronics", "headline": "The future starts here", "introtext": "We provide integration solutions for the mobility of tomorrow, so you can focus on the essentials in these times of highly complex electronics.", "image": "\/de\/assets\/uploads\/bilder-webseite\/kompetenzen\/elektronik\/anwenungsbeispiel\/mehr-erfahren-restbussimulation-sel-star-cooperation-1260x800px...
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  • FlexDevice-M
...be used in different application fields. Advantages: PowerPC MPC5567 (120 MHz) with 2 MB SRAM5 bus channels (4 via pluggable transceivers)Up to 5 CAN channelsUp to 4 FR channelsUp to 2 LIN channelsWakeup/Sleep mode supportStartup <100 msComplete development environment includedPC connection...
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  • FlexMeasure-S
...developed especially for measuring currents in high-voltage line in passenger vehicles. Due to the flexible connecting options, the ISI current inline can be integrated in existing circuits of up to 60A without problems. The measuring values are exported as analog signal with a measuring output voltage...
  • spaceMe
Get to your hot desk at the speed of light With spaceMe, you can book a hot desk that meets your needs flexibly, quickly and super-easily in Microsoft Teams. Jump on board: travel to a new dimension of hybrid work with spaceMe. Arrange a consultation! Four reasons Expand your horizons with spaceMe Booking...
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  • FlexTraining SOME/IP & Ethernet
...future-proof! In our new training course SOME/IP & Ethernet we will provide you with all the technical knowledge you need. Whether in German or English, you can choose in which language the training takes place. You will receive the documents in English. You can also decide where your individual training...
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  • FlexGen-M BLDC
...is used to control brushless DC servomotors. The robust device for 3 phases has an integrated position control, whereby the feedback of the actuator can take place via a 0-5 V analog signal or via a SENT interface. The setpoint can be specified manually by operating the device, an external control...
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  • Digital Database Publishing
...update your app without programming knowledge Digital media production with database publishing An app is programmed quickly and that little bit of text can be integrated in no time – anyone who approaches their next app project like this will quickly be disappointed. Publishing through digital channels...
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...new markets, improve your service processes and lower your costs permanently. More about IT From automotive to controlling and marketing, our IT STARS can help you to optimize your systems and processes for maximum profits. They analyze important key indicators, use intelligent software to optimize...
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